Published Books

My Published Books

In the beginning of 2013, my very first book had been published by Quanta EMK, one of the major publisher in Indonesia under Elex Media Komputindo (or you can relate it to Gramedia Publishing). Later, I was motivated to write more about my life as non-fictional story. Up until now, I have 28 stories published by both major and indie publishers in Indonesia. You can find all of my books (including the price and how to buy) on the drop down list menu.

Here are the list of my (anthology) books:

  1. Beginilah Cara Tuhan Mengubah Nasibku (Quanta Elexmedia, 2013) – available at Gramedia
  2. Menjemput Pelangi (Quanta Elexmedia, 2013) – available at Gramedia
  3. Ini Aku Untuk-Mu (Nulisbuku, 2013) – via
  4. Ramadhan di Rantau #1 (Penerbit Harfeey, 2013)
  5. Kata Kita #1 (Penerbit Harfeey, 2013)
  6. Titik Nadir #2 (Penerbit Harfeey, 2013)
  7. Dongeng Cinderella #1 (Penerbit Harfeey, 2013)
  8. Allah, I Need You (Marsua Media, 2013)
  9. Jangan Manja, Hidup Emang Nggak Mudah (Marsua Media, 2015)
  10. Ya Allah, Aku Ingin Curhat (Marsua Media, 2015)
  11. Tuhan, Maaf, Aku Belum Siap Berhijab (Marsua Media, 2015)
  12. You are Not Alone, Allah is Always With You (Marsua Media, 2015)
  13. Tuhan, Jangan Biarkan Aku Hidup Sendiri (Marsua Media, 2015)
  14. Pacaran Lillahi Ta’ala (Marsua Media, 2015)
  15. Walau Jomblo Tetap Produktif (Quanta Elexmedia, 2016) – available at Gramedia
  16. Anak-Anak Kolong Langit (Gelaran Buku Jambu, 2016)
  17. Surat untuk Ayah & Ibu (Quanta Elexmedia, 2016) – available at Gramedia
  18. From Baper to Super (PKW Publishing, 2017)
  19. Kata Ayah (Kindi Press, 2017)
  20. Menapak Bumi, Menggapai Langit (Gelaran Buku Jambu, 2017)
  21. Sudah Baguskah Ramadhanku? (PKW Publishing, 2017)
  22. Memperjuangkan Kamu (PKW Publishing, 2017)
  23. Saat Tuhan Berkata Tunggu (Quanta Elexmedia, 2017) – available at Gramedia
  24. Srikandi-Srikandi Gerigi (Stiletto Indie Book, 2018)
  25. Welcome to Be Writer (Nulisyuk, 2018)
  26. Mengubah Rasa Menjadi Karya (soon to be published, 2018)
  27. Arus Metamorfosa Milennial (Ernest, 2018)
  28. Merantaulah Nak (FIM Sumbar – soon to be published, 2018)
  29. Kisah-Kisah Rantau (DIVAPress, 2018)

And if you wanna do a writing project with me, just drop me comment here!
Enjoy buying and reading my books!:)

Warmest regards,
Dini N. Rahmah
a writer since 2012


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